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GCSE Psychology Revision Study Group

GCSE Psychology 1-1 Tutoring and Study Group. Sign up to the School of Psychology and Neuroscience GCSE Psychology  1-1 Psychology Tuition. Group study also available for maximum of 5 students per group. Beat exam nerves, consolidate and enhance your knowledge. Master your exam technique, learn what the examiners are looking for and boost your confidence!
1-1 tuition @ £30.00 per hour *Block Bookings attract Discount 
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Online 1-1 Psychology Tuition for GCSE Psychology - Contact me to arrange an introduction session and enrolment information.
Prices are £30 per hour, with discount for block bookings of 10 sessions or more. Enrolment button above will buy you 1 hour 1-1 tuition with revision resources.
Online Group Session available - maximum of 5 students per group per session.
Price: £25 per student per 1 hour session (plus learning and exam prep resources) 
Available Group Sessions
Saturdays: 11am-12 noon, 1pm-2pm
or call to discuss other days/times on 07547 807273
email: or complete the online enquiry form below. Email Response within 24 hours - usually 1-4 hours.

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What's included?

  • 1-1 Tuition Classes 
  • Practice Exam Questions
  • Exam Techniques
  • PDF downloads
  • Study Group 
  • Stress busting techniques 
  • Key study resources
  • AQA Exam board curriculum specification*

Be confident in your exams!

You will learn how to develop, organize and implement your exam strategy that is unique to you.
Build your confidence with exam techniques, organise your knowledge and boost your memory recall for the exam. 
Learn what to expect and what the examiners are looking for when you answer the exam questions.

Enhance Your Knowledge

Revise key studies in Psychology and boost your existing knowledge.
Learn memory/recall techniques to help you on the day.
Organise your revision and balance your workload.
* Request details of other exam boards if required. WJEC, Pearson Edexcel also available upon request. Enrolment price shows price for 1 hour live 1-1 tuition only, which also gives you access to study resources. If you require more than 1 hour 1-1 tuition, (or want to discuss a study group of a maximum of 5 students per group) please email first using the contact form below or call 07547 807273 
Meet the instructor

Katherine (Kathy) Gray

Katherine Gray (Kathy) is a PGCE Qualified Psychology and Social Sciences lecturer. Kathy has a BSc (Hons) degree in Social Science, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (incorporating the Diploma in Education and Training) and a PGC in Psychology. Kathy has taught Psychology in Further and Higher Education. Kathy enjoys teaching all levels and all ages. Kathy is passionate about the Science of Psychology and looks forward to sharing her love of the subject with all students to develop their knowledge, academic and exam skills. Enhanced DBS child workforce and adult workforce  (portable)    
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