Kathy Gray | School of Psychology and Neuroscience
PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) Qualified Psychology Lecturer and
Course Creation Specialist for E-Learning.

I am a Psychology Lecturer by profession and hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, incorporating the Diploma in Education and Training, BSc (Hons) Social Sciences, PGC Psychology and have taught Psychology in Further & Higher Education.
I design, create and deliver Online Psychology Courses, Employee Well-Being Training, and Personal Development programs which you can find here on my course platform.
I love, live and breathe my subject specialism of Psychology and I am passionate about education. 

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Discover a wide range of exceptional and unparalleled online psychology courses. 

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E-Learning for Business Services:
Expert, Qualified, Professional Course Creation Tuition & Support   

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Neuro - Education | Applying the Neuroscience and Psychology for E-Learning Success
With the explosion in availability of online courses, my mission is to enhance the standard of course creation tuition and coaching; as many marketers jumping on this bandwagon know little to nothing about adult education, or how to successfully create courses specifically for e-learning.
The result is poor quality online courses that do not gain the results intended, have high drop out rates, and consequently fail to sell. The person paying for the course creation tuition is left with refund requests, frustrated, disillusioned and out of pocket.
The online course industry is a very profitable option for many individuals and well-being businesses, however, it is vital that the creation of the course is executed the right way. I offer limited places on my 1-1 Neuro-Education Coaching and Mentoring. Please email for information on availability.
Giving YOU the tools & know-how to Pivot & Scale your Business-Turn Your Passion, Knowledge & Skills into a Successful & Profitable Online Course
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