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Learn how to turn it into profitable online courses that sell on autopilot, creating a passive income stream.
Giving you more time, freedom & money! 

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Your expertise is a valuable asset!

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Convert your knowledge and expertise, learn how to create an online course & reach a global market

what you need to know

The E-Learning Market is expected to grow, reaching an estimated $375 billion by 2026

According to research by Global Market Insights, the e-learning industry was worth $200 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow exponentially from now to 2026, to an estimated $375 billion. 
The Global pandemic has created an increase in demand for high quality e-courses for people who are looking to upskill, learn a new hobby, or simply add to their personal development and fulfilment. At the same time, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for mental health advice and services for those impacted emotionally and psychologically by the restrictions.  Engagement in subjects within the Arts, music and the Humanities can positively impact mental health and well-being (
Online courses do not in any way replace 1-1 consultation in person, however, many people can be helped through professional hybrid and self study online courses and membership programs. Your knowledge and expertise is a valuable commodity, a potentially life changing opportunity for both well-being specialists and their clients.

Helping Experts Like You:
Learn from a Leading E-Learning Consultant
How Create Profitable Online Courses; The Right Way! 

Leading E-Learning Consultant
(BSc (Hons) Social Science, PGCE Further & Higher Education, Inc. Diploma in Education & Training, PGC Psychology, MInstLM).  
 Revealed: Why most online courses will NEVER sell - and what you need to do to create a profitable online course!
 The REAL secret to creating a successful online course - almost everyone gets this wrong!
 Learn how to get 'inside the head' of the learner and how to create high quality online courses that bring the desired, transformational results for your students!
 You'll discover my unique course creation formula - this is the only true way to create successful and profitable online courses!

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Why you should create an online course for your business

Is it Time for a Change?
The Global Pandemic has proven that the traditional business model of having a retail or operational premises is no longer sustainable as a standalone solution for any trade or profession.
Many independent chartered psychologists, therapists, mental health and well-being service based businesses that rely on an in-person business to consumer exchange are facing extremely challenging times.
The demand for mental health and wellbeing services has increased exponentially since the Global Pandemic began. Significant increase in people seeking advice and information:
Anxiety 703%
Self-harm 459%
PTSD 217%
OCD 199% (Source:, 2021)
Access to specialist online courses and memberships could have a positive impact on those in need of well-being services.
Improve Mental Health and Well-being. The Creative Arts such as music, singing, sculpting, photography, painting and drawing can have considerable positive benefits in terms of mental health and well-being (Source: Mental Health Foundation, 2021)
Your expert knowledge - can be leveraged to provide access to well-being 24/7 through professional online courses - improving lives on a global scale
Avoid Burnout - Teach what you know & create the business you deserve. Take your business from local to global, 10X Impact, Transform more lives, while building a sustainable additional income stream with online courses & memberships.
The Pandemic has placed great strain upon psychologists, with the danger of burnout from stress and emotional overload already an existing hazard in the profession (McCormack · 2018), exacerbated by the sheer numbers of people who need psychological help in this crisis.  

No matter what your subject specialism, expertise, retail or service based business is, if you have been impacted by the restrictions and are able to teach what you know, then turning your expertise into an online course could be just the pivot that you need to make.
You could run an online course to retain clients, gain new ones, create passive income and turn your business from operating in a local market to a global one.
Recover lost revenue and re-build your business model to better withstand future disruption.

More Time | Money | Freedom | Impact 

Creating an online version of your practice is a sound business model that will give you more time, money, and freedom to enjoy life, whilst still being able to serve your clients, in fact, it means that you can double, even quadruple your impact as a psychologist, therapist or well-being practitioner. 

The Alchemy Academy for Course Creators
Who is this program for?

Build a successful course that delivers results

You want a proven step-by-step evidence-based process for creating your successful online course, using my unique psychological framework to get inside your student’s heads and be able to create a high quality, transformational course that sells.

Know what your learners want to buy

You want to learn how to conduct your market research and be able to differentiate your online course from many others by creating high quality course content that specifically solves your learners’ problems - in many cases completely transforming lives.

Apply the secrets of successful course creation

You are ready and willing to put in the effort that it takes to build your successful online course – one that has the potential generate 5 to 6 figures. *

Implement your new skills

You are ready to follow the program and implement what I teach you, you will achieve this and have your online course ready to launch in 30 days.

Achieve your Revenue Goals

You are ready to challenge and let go of your limiting
beliefs, get out of your comfort zone and your own way! (I’ll hold your hand for this journey!) and you are ready to finally stop leaving money on the table - build a sustainable passive income stream, achieve your revenue goals and the business you deserve!

Become part of the Success

You are ready to become part of the growing successful online course creator community, 10x impact and transform lives on a global scale by taking your knowledge out of your head and into the world as an online course
Just imagine....your very own Specialist Academy!

About the Program

Discover The Proven Method to Create Your Online Course, Transform Your Business, Serve more Clients & Impact more Lives Worldwide - Giving YOU more Time, Freedom and Money in Your Life & Business - Starting Today!
From Idea to Launch Here's What You Will learn: 
 How to master the art of Course Creation, to get your course launched in as little time as 30 days
  The quick and easy way to get course sales - it works so well you'll swear it must be magic!
  You'll discover the ridiculously easy way to know how to transform your therapeutic processes and content into an online course - even if you don't know anything about curriculum design!
 How to quickly recognise and avoid overloading your course content
 How to price your courses effectively
 How to set up your Learning Platform for your courses - even if you a complete technophobe!
 Why it is NOT your fault if you have failed in the past to create or sell a successful online course - and what you can do starting today to make your courses profitable and transformational for your students and clients
Taught by a Post Graduate Qualified Teaching Professional in Further & Higher Education & Training (and not the latest marketer who is just going to take your money and leave you hanging!). Furthermore, as a Psychology Lecturer, with a passion for the field of Psychology, I understand the psychological theory behind therapeutic interventions and how therapies can be converted to an online course format. 
If you sign up and decide the course creation path is not for you, just drop me an email and cancel to receive a full refund!

Here's the Immense amount of Value this Program will Bring You (sold separately, these live taught classes & coaching would cost thousands £££'s) 


Brainstorming your idea: What will you teach?
In this module you will be guided to help you identify your knowledge, professional/business expertise or hobby. This is your zone of genius!


Who, where and why? How to make sure you have a market ready to buy and a course that SELLS! Learn how to research your market to ensure that the content of the online course you intend to create is a subject that is sought after.  


Your Curriculum is the essential roadmap for your course. Learn from a Qualified Teaching Professional how to design your Curriculum, in a way that will enhance and maximise the learning journey for your students. 


Now you have your curriculum planned, it's time to start organising your modules into a logical sequence, planning lesson content and structure


Learn how to create and organise your lesson delivery and keep your students fully engaged. No boring lessons here!! 


Key to retaining students and ensuring that they learn as much as possible from your courses. Turn your students into raving fans of not just what you teach but how you teach it!  


Tuition in all you need to know about how to film and edit your lesson delivery on a budget that still produces professional high quality viewing. Learn how and when to create interactive video lessons. 
Plus! Learn how to be confident on camera!


Learner assessment is key to identifying issues in potential barriers to learning.
Discover how to implement your own quality control process to make sure your lesson content and teaching methods are effective


How to market and promote your courses effectively with Google. How to launch your courses to your social media audience and create compelling webinar sales funnels. Learn consumer psychology and the buying process when applied to online courses and education.   


You can enhance the value and appeal of your courses to both the employer and employee through CPD accreditation (continuing professional development). 


Having the right Mindset is essential if you are to succeed, particularly if this will be a new business for you and/or you are starting out in a new direction professionally.   


Learn how to build your e-learning business from scratch on a limited budget to a sustainable and scalable one.  


Another essential component to your success. You wouldn't start to build a house without foundations right? Your business is no different. 
You cannot build a business without strategic planning. Step by step guidance and mentoring from initial concept to planning its growth. 


Learn how to organically build your audience through social media platforms and/or  utilising other numerous online marketing methods. 
Learn how to become seen as an expert in your field of knowledge


A comprehensive review of the available LMS (learner management systems) AKA E-Learning platforms, which ones offer the best value and which ones are best suited to your needs now and in the future when your business grows. 
McCormack, H. M., MacIntyre, T. E., O'Shea, D., Herring, M. P., & Campbell, M. J. (2018). The Prevalence and Cause(s) of Burnout Among Applied Psychologists: A Systematic Review. Frontiers in psychology, 9, 1897.

Rethink (2021) Demand for Mental Health Advice Soars in Year After First Lockdown.
* Disclaimer: Your online course will have the potential to generate 4,5,6 figures each year, however, there is no guarantee that this will be the case. You will most likely already understand that this is not a get rich quick scheme, as such there are no guarantees of course revenue levels; it is a method taught to you to provide your business with an extra income/revenue stream through the creation of professional online courses.
The method of online course creation is designed and taught by a Post Graduate Qualified Education Professional and E-Learning Consultant. 
Results depend upon the amount of effort you put in and you will need to engage actively in organic and paid marketing methods consistently to achieve results. Katherine Gray and The Most Successful You will not be held liable for the failure of any course that does not sell, nor client expectations of revenue volume from courses.   
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