Obedience to Authority - the most famous psychological experiment of all time.

Katherine Gray
In 1963, Psychologist Stanley Milgram wanted to find the answer to a question: 

Is such brutality a product of evil and sadistic minds, or did ordinary people perform this extraordinary behaviour?”
“Could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders?

                                                           Stanley Milgram (1963)

This was no easy question to answer. Emotions ran high and still do to this day, humanity forever bearing the scars of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, which extinguished the lives of millions of people; men, women and children of Jewish faith.
Stanley Milgram's study is arguably the worlds most famous study within psychology and the social sciences. The video below is archive footage of the study and makes for fascinating viewing for those studying social psychology at any level between GCSE and University degree study.
It is particularly helpful to be able to view the study in its entirety for evaluation essays.    
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