Employee Wellbeing Training Programs

Taking care of your employee's psychological well-being, means they take better care of your business and customers. 

Mental Health Enrichment and Empowered Minds in the Workplace

Transforming Lives through Education
Evidence Based Employee Wellbeing Training Programs

Empower Your Team to Build Resilience through Mental Health Awareness & Emotional Intelligence | Nurture a Thriving Workforce  
Teams that thrive

Live Training & Hybrid Online Courses

All Courses Below Available to Book now as Live On Site Training *Cornwall UK only* Please Contact me to Book or Request more information.

Live & Hybrid Training Courses Available to Book Now:                    
Call Kathy @ Most Successful You  
07547 807273  or Click Here to Email 

Below is a list of current employee wellbeing training courses available as either Live 'on site' training, hybrid live online webinar/conferencing event with combined group activities and offline self directed course content. Please note that Live On Site training events are currently only available in Cornwall.
Live Training on site is usually 1 Full Day delivery and for the Online Hybrid Training, the sessions are usually over 2 days (depending on course choice), however, session delivery can be tailored to your business and employee requirements.
All Live Online Hybrid Training Courses are available Worldwide.
*International Clients, please contact me to discuss your business, employee and time zone needs.
  • Building Resilience & Psychological Well-Being at Work & Home                                          
  • Emotional Intelligence for Thriving Teams                                                               
  • Menopause Awareness in the Workplace                                                                                               
  • Psychological Safety in the Workplace
  • Mental Health Awareness for Leaders & Managers
  • Neurodiversity Awareness (course available soon)
  •  **NEW! ** Mindfulness Live/Virtual Workshop Series - 8 Sessions over 8 weeks

Book your Employee Well-Being Training Course Now

Choose your course, your delivery format (Live half/full day on site Cornwall only)
Hybrid Live Seminar training & self study course content lifetime access
or request more details on the unique Most Successful You Employee Well-Being Subscription Membership from only £48pm.
If you require a bespoke option, call to discuss your requirements that best fit your employees and business

Kathy Gray

Katherine (Kathy) Gray BSc (Hons) Combined Social Sciences, PGCE Further & Higher Education, PGC Psychology, MInstLM
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Emotionally Conscious Leadership

Helping you to empower your employees to enhance their psychological wellbeing, nurture an inclusive and supportive work environment; boosting staff retention and making your company the place to be

Unique Learning Paths

Support existing offline training and continuing professional development for your team with breakthrough online instruction built with adult learning principles that engage all senses. All courses are designed & delivered by a post graduate qualified education professional. 

Video Conferencing

You can expect an exceptional educational experience with flexible learning paths.  
All of the live 'on site' training courses are available as hybrid online courses with live webinar/video conferencing.

Learner Engagement

All hybrid online learning programs are enhanced by allowing learners to access high-quality live and recorded sessions, interactive quiz, gamification, group activities, discussions and feedback sessions through desktop and mobile

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